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How does Prime IT think about its projects?

Since 2007 we have delivered hundreds of projects on Go Live where hundreds of thousands of consulting hours were required. For this, we use project and professional management methodologies, which bring together diverse experiences, concepts and technologies.

Understand our project framework! See the diagram below:

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Click on each of the graphic elements and find out how Prime IT thinks about its projects, as well as how we will deliver.

Project Project
Project Project Project Project


Technologies developed by Prime IT or by partners that offer modern and innovative platforms that guarantee the continuity of their use, that offer consistent integrations, that are in compliance with the business environment and ensure high availability through secure cloud resources;


Develop processes that allow customers to be more competitive, that use technology in their day-to-day activities, that allow automation, that promote transparency and assertiveness, that offer omnichannel communication and that are an example of good practices;

Customer structure

Understand the organizational culture of customers, their structure and their leadership; follow the rapid changes in the market, promote the use of tools and a commitment to processes, strengthen its organizational structure, preserve work positions to increase delivery capacity;

Project Team

Ability to understand and respect the customers cultures, environments and people, work with professionals with proven experience and disseminate the concept of Liability among them, train professionals from a technical and behavioral point of view, as well as work to reduce project turnover;

Change management

Understand that a project is implemented by people, not technologies; work with all stakeholders for their setting and awareness; impact people with education and knowledge transfer; involve everyone in the project so that the perception of delivery reaches everyone;

Agile Methodologies

Framework joining PMBOK and agile methodologies, formation of autonomous and multidisciplinary Squads, use MVPs with low risk for the operation, management through sprints to increase project agility, encourage human interaction in processes and intense communication in projects.

Meet some of our customers 

International companies present in Brazil

Financial services

Process industries – Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing industries

Legal Services

Distribution and Logistics



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