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Thomson Reuters and Prime IT

Experience in tax and accounting projects, a highly qualified team and the updated technology platform to meet federal, state and municipal tax demands, is what you and your company will find at Prime IT in partnership with Thomson Reuters.

Modules that your company can purchase according to your needs:

Onesource Tax One

  • Experience +35 years Mastersaf DW and +800 Brazilian groups served;

  • Automatic update and tax content for continuous improvement of your company;

  • Fulfillment of ancillary obligations at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Onesource Tax Analyzer

  • Independent validations and audits that complete each other in an integrated manner;

  • Automating the assessment of bookkeeping not in accordance with legislation;

  • Consultative diagnosis with updated and assertive legal basis.

Onesource DFE

  • Issuance, receipt and management of Electronic Tax Documents integrated with ERP;

  • Connection and integration with State and Municipal Finance Departments;

  • It supports NF-e, NFS-e, NFC-e, CT-e, CT-e OS and MDF-e in high operating volumes.

Tax Match

  • Reconciliation between the ledger and tax bookkeeping in an automated way;

  • Full integration with Tax One and validation of periods prior to implementation;

  • Advanced AI features and algorithms for assertive data evaluation.

Prime IT and tax mentoring for Microsoftt

With our tax, tax and business management systems experience, Microsoft hired Prime IT to provide consultancy in these areas for its products such as Microsoft Financials & Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX, helping them to localize these solutions to Brazilian requirements.

Prime IT

Promote an evolution of your company’s Tax Journey

The projects implemented by Prime IT with Thomson Reuters platform allow the evolution of your company’s tax journey, COMPLIANCE (delivery, deadlines), with GOVERNANCE (audit, content, process), with AUMOTIZATION (robotization, productivity) and with FISCAL INTELLIGENCE (analytics & insights)

Thomson Reuters

In which markets do we most implement Thomson Reuters projects

Our projects serve different business segments, however, we highlight markets such as industries, distribution, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, automotive,energy, oil & gas, telecom, retail and solutions, remembering that Thomson Reuters meet several special regimes such as REPETRO, RECOF , RECOF-SPED, PRODUZIR, controlled substances, PIM, PIN-SINAL and others.

We are also specialists in international roll out. We carry out several projects for international companies that are establishing operations in Brazil or that already have operations in Brazil and that need greater control and compliance, we support international business in Brazil through our solutions and projects, generating greater investor confidence.

Prime IT has been serving since 2007 medium and large companies in all market segments. Below you will see some highlights of markets and customers served.

Meet some of our customers 

International companies present in Brazil

Financial services

Process industries – Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing industries

Legal Services

Distribution and Logistics



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