eSOCIAL is a federal government project that aims to unify the transmission of information due by employers towards their employees in the form of specific files that make up the Digital Bookkeeping System for Tax Management, Social Security and Labor.



The new requirements of the eSocial represent a significant impact on regular operations of the companies.


The high volume of information from the separate operations areas requires greater control and validation of data to be transmitted.


In partnership with Thomson Reuters, Prime IT not only provides the technology solution for the generation of electronic files, messaging and data consistency prior to transmission, but also a dense and full content on social security and labor law, so that companies are in compliance with the new requirements of eSocial.



  • Consolidates information across multiple systems

  • Integration with many different areas of source systems

  • Parameterize information from different systems of company x standardized tables by tax authorities

  • Event Messaging

  • Complete Information on social security and labor legislation

  • Management Dashboard

  • Integration with legal software Legal Software platform of Thomson Reuters

One Source eSocial