ECF is a new obligation for legal entities established in Brazil.


The presentation of the ECF is published annually from 2014, with delivery in 2015, and provides for the exemption from the bookkeeping Lalur and delivery of DIPJ in the incident that occurred from January 2014.

Are required to fill the ECF all legal entity, including immune and exempt persons, whether levied by taxable profit, arbitrated or presumed profit.



The new requirements of the ECF are aimed at greater traceability in accordance with accounting information, requiring a review of concepts in its accounting and tax procedures.


Prime IT, in partnership with Thomson Reuters, will provide the solution not only to generate new ancillary bookkeeping, but also allow the management of direct taxes (IRPJ e CSLL) since the calculation until delivery of the bond, contemplating multiple scenarios of assessment and taxation regimes.



• Determination of taxes, compensation and comparative of different regimes, with traceability of information;

• Allows flexibly parameterize necessary information of bookkeeping, relieving the impact on the source system;

• Digital Bookkeeping: Generation of Digital Bookkeeping in standard SPED ECF;

• Web platform, multi-company processing;

• Reporting to conference and graphics for management analysis.



  • Validation prior to submission to the Treasury

  • Management Panel for monitoring and control of shipments and returns of digital bookkeeping

  • Integration with leading market ERPs and source systems

  • Greater control in the management of taxes

  • More flexibility to meet internal and external deadlines such as helping inspections


One Source ECF